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Record notes handsfree!

Ontario is now handsfree! You can't drive anywhere in Ontario and handle a cellphone.


BUT, you can speed dial quicknote, and have what you want to remember emailed to your inbox as handsfree MP3!



  • Transcribe your voice notes to text and have them e-mailed to you
  • Monthly plans that you can live with based on your usage!

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Now, imagine you are driving down the road, hear something on the radio, see something you want to follow up with later. How many times have you remembered what it was 30 seconds later. You could write it down, but with traffic what it is these days, you might end up the trunk of the car in front of  you. You could tie a ribbon around your finger, but where are you going to find the string?


The solution? Speed dial "QUICK NOTE" handsfree,  wait for the beep, record what you want to remember, and hang up. That is it! That recording gets delivered to your pre-defined e-mail address as an MP3. Problem solved!


Ontario and other provinces starting to enact handsfree laws restricting hand held devices while driving. Quicknote provides a simple solution to taking down a note while you are driving handsfree!


Simply add Quicknote to your contacts list, and either use the speed dial, or voice command to dial the QuickNote access number, listen for the beep, and record your note handsfree!


The resulting MP3 will be delivered to your inbox in the matter of seconds.


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